Working with adults experiencing anxiety, panic, worry, or obsessions & compulsions is my specialty. 

When working together, the first step is for you to begin telling me your story so I can better understand what’s occurring in your life and how you’re feeling.

After that, we’ll discuss your goals. Goals might include: feeling less anxious, finding a job, navigating a relationship, etc. Sometimes our goal is figuring out your goals.

Our next step is my providing you information on cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). I’ll provide you scientifically proven techniques, tailored to your situation, which can help you feel better and reach your goals.

CBT can quickly help you feel less anxious. I encourage you to contact me so you can begin telling me your story, how you’re feeling, and discuss how I can help. If something about our working together doesn’t feel right for you, I’ll do whatever it takes to help you find another mental health professional who’s a better fit.

Ensuring those I work with are getting the best care is important to me, so I continually update my knowledge with the best available research. One way I do this is through my affiliate memberships in numerous professional bodies including the American Psychological Association, the Minnesota Psychological Associationthe Anxiety and Depression Association of America, the Association for the Advancement of Philosophy and Psychiatry, the International OCD Foundationthe Society for Humanistic Psychology, and the Society for Theoretical and Philosophical Psychology.

I've provided psychological assessment and treatment services since September, 2014 and have been employed at Maplewood Psychology since July, 2016. During my clinical training, I worked and received supervision at the following sites: University of Minnesota Student Counseling Services, Brakins Consulting and Psychological Services, Watercourse Counseling, and Argosy Student Counseling Services

Currently, I'm enrolled in the clinical psychology doctoral program at the Minnesota School of Professional Psychology, one of few clinical psychology programs in Minnesota accredited by the American Psychological Association.

My clinical work is supervised by Dr. Jean Eich, PsyD, LP.